Barens reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee for any returned item. All returns not in the original packaging will be charged the restocking fee. Barens reserves the right to refuse any return of a special ordered item.

1. An RMA number must be secured from Barens.

2. RMA number must be on the outside of the return box.

3. Freight is responsibility of customer.

4. All merchandise returned after 30 days will be assessed 20% restocking fee.

5. Any special order returned will be assessed a 20% restocking fee.

6. Orders for an item beyond the normal stocking level of Barens will be subject to the same return policies of a special order.

With internet access to UPS rates and billed rates. The differences include insurance, possible oversized and dim weighted as well as home delivery or rural delivery charges and the infamous fuel surcharge.

These additional charges may not show on the internet pricing.

Neither Barens or our manufacturing partners will be responsible for any shipping delays once they are picked up by the carrier. Our carriers have excellent records for on time and damage free deliveries.

However, there are times when shipments are not delivered on time. On those occasions, we will contact the shipping carrier to determine the problem and resolve the issue in a timely fashion. If shipping rebates or reductions are warranted, we will get those from the carrier.

Please Note that many items have limited warranty periods. Please check with the Barens customer service department prior to replacing an item for your customer under warranty. Also, the vendor has the RIGHT to repair, replace, or issue credit for an item that is considered defective. Please inform your customer of these policies. All items submitted for warranty consideration will be sent back to the appropriate vendor for final disposition.

1. To expedite the process, please have your Barens invoice number when you call for warranty.

2. An RMA number must be secured from Barens.

3. RMA number must be on the outside of box.

4. Customer is responsible for freight to Barens or manufacturer, unless it is our error.

5. If customer wants an immediate replacement, Barens will ship replacement and bill customer.

6. If manufacturer denies warranty or wishes to repair or replace the item, customer is responsible for payment of that item plus any item shipped as replacement.

7. Barens will credit customer’s account if we receive a credit for warranty item. NO CREDIT will be issued until Barens receives credit from MFG.

*ALL requests for merchandise return or warranty consideration MUST be made to our Pennsylvania customer service center.