Some of our products, such as hoses, nozzles and quick-connect fittings do have price breaks. The level varies per item, please call for details.

1. We have prepaid freight on all orders over $4,000.00 for shipping within the continental USA.

2. We have a limited prepaid program for orders over $500.00 that do not include hoses, surface cleaners,hose reels, and motors and ships within the continental USA.

Most stock orders will ship within 24 hours of receipt.

Once we receive the backorder, we will ship it out. If the original order shipped free freight so will the backorder. If the customer paid for shipping on the original order, then freight will be charged on the backorder.

1. For small packages we use UPS, FEDEX and the US Postal Service.

2. For large orders we use a variety of LTL shippers.

3. We can also ship using a customers preferred shipper collect.

We will ship to any country outside the USA served by our shipping partners.

We do not have a minimum order, but any orders under $25.00 will be assessed a $5.00 surcharge.


We will drop ship to any of your customers using a blind shipment.
We will drop ship an item from our supplier to your customer if our supplier offers the service.
We do not have a drop ship fee for stock orders. However, some of our suppliers may apply a fee if they are drop shipping to your customer.
For items such as lances we add a quick connect and soap nozzle to the product. For surface cleaners we add a second spray arm.
The C-Face is a flange on the  motor that allows a pump to be directly mounted to it.
We do our best to not raise prices, but certain times we cannot hold prices and will need to raise them. When this happens, we create an excel spread sheet that will be available to all our customers.
Any product that our suppliers have access to is available to us. We can order any of those items for you.
Open terms are granted to customers who have been in business with us and show the ability to reliably pay for their purchases. New business will be evaluated after a period of purchasing.