Barens sells to pressure washer retailers, manufacturers, rental centers, repair shops and car washes.

Barens has no minimum order requirement. However, to cover the cost of processing orders, a $5.00 small order fee may be added to any order under $25.00, (not including freight)

OPEN CREDIT: extended after submission and approval of the Barens credit application.

CREDIT CARD: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express

SORRY NO COD orders accepted

After submitting Barens application for credit, and receiving approval from the Barens credit department, open terms are established with our standard net 30 days.

A copy of your state sales tax exemption certificate, (if applicable) MUST be submitted with your credit application.

Receiving open terms from Barens is a privilege reflecting your historical ability to meet your payment obligations in a timely manner. All our orders are invoiced the day of shipment. They are considered past due on the 31st day after shipment.

Barens credit manager will forward a friendly reminder when an invoice has become delinquent. Please remember, it is your responsibility to honor your payment commitments to Barens. It is NOT our credit department’s responsibility to inform a delinquent customer on a continuing basis as to invoices in arrears.

Frequent incidents of account delinquency will result in suspension of open term status and credit card payments only will be accepted for future orders. Accounts with invoices 45 days are automatically placed on CREDIT HOLD. NO shipments will be made until payment of the past due invoice(s) is received by Barens.

A $30.00 fee will be charged on ALL checks returned to Barens, regardless of reason. This may cause your account to be placed on PERMANENT credit card status.

Shipping errors such as shortage or wrong items should be reported immediately to our customer service department. Any packages received damaged or appear to have damage should be noted with your delivery company for inspection, then reported to Barens customer service.

UPS charges a fee for incorrect addresses, which will be passed on to our customer unless it was an entry error by Barens customer service.

Customer will be notified when a back order or special order has been received to afford the opportunity to add to the order or hold for later shipment. Freight is charged on all back order shipments.

Barens, Inc. shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the use of, availability of products supplied by Barens, including damage to equipment, personnel, lost profits, any incidental or consequential damages, even if said damage was caused by the installation of incorrect parts which were shipped in error.

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the appropriate products for an intended use and to verify you have received the correct products. If an item is shipped in error by Barens, we will pay the freight to have it returned and the correct item will be shipped with no additional freight charge. If an item is shipped in error by our vendor, we will have the vendor accept responsibility for the return shipping charges and ship the correct item to you at no additional freight charge.